Chontales Costa Rica Real Estate

Chontales Costa Rica real estate homes is primarily in the handful of neighborhoods developed by Ventanas del Pacifico, a local developer.  The are includes a handful of subdivisions including Vista sin Fin, Vista de OsaTrópicos Verdes, Vientos del Sur or some of the local homes. There are many lots in the area and there is ongoing construction of nearby homes. A couple benefits of Chontales Costa Rica real estate in the area is that the regional public hospital is very nearby about 5-10 minutes drive and now the road is paved from Chontales to the Cortez hospital and the paved costanera, so driving is a breeze.  Nearby, you will find the neighboring towns of Cortez (AKA, Puerto Cortes), Punta Mala, Coronado & Toucan Valley/Osa Mountain Village and only a 15 minute drive to Ojochal Costa Rica.  The area is known for stunning jungle and ocean views depending on the area many have ocean view homes in Chontales Costa Rica.  So, see the listings below for Chontales Costa Rica real estate for sale.

More Info About Chontales Costa Rica Real Estate:

In the town of Chontales Costa Rica, Chontales Costa Rica real estate is primarily expat-homes Vista sin Fin, Vista de OsaTrópicos Verdes, Vientos del Sur neighborhoods that were subdivided and sold by Ventanas del Pacifico a local developer of Chontales real estate.  The nearby town of Cortez is now accessible by a newly-paved road that takes you directly to the Cortez public hospital which is very convenient.  The town of Palmar Norte is just a 15 minute drive and has the benefit of being a great place to grocery shop given that it is outside of the more touristy areas of the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica.   At the moment, most services require that you drive to Cortez or Palmar Norte, but there are a number of areas in Chontales slated for planned commercial, restaurant and retail type businesses.  So, benefit by investing in Chontales Costa Rica real estate now as the area becomes easier and more convenient


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